8 Week Courses (Tues 7:15pm - 8pm)

Commencing at our Bundall Studio
1 February 2022, 5 April 2022, 7 June 2022,
2 August 2022, 4 October 2022


If you have completed the Level 1 Introductory Course then this class will continue with the dances already learnt and introduce some new rhythms too. Every Thursday night, it's just pay as you go. Intermediate & Advanced levels also.
$15pp per class.
Venue: Broadbeach Seniors Hall, T E Peters Drive, Broadbeach. Air-conditioned Venue.


TUESDAY 8:00 - 9:00PM Argentine Tango Class

Argentine Tango is such a beautiful dance style - passionate and romantic with a rich culture. At NYB we give beginners the opportunity to learn the basics in a private studio. Advanced dancers will learn choreography suitable for the social Milonga. 2 levels of learning: Beginner / Advanced.

A NEW term for 2022 will start on Tuesday 11 January.
This is an 8 week course for $120pp.
Course structure only. Bookings are essential due to COVID regulations.
Venue: Studio- 5/61 Upton Street Bundall. Air-conditioned Venue.

WEDNESDAY EVENING Street Latin Courses

Everyone loves a little extra Salsa! Salsa is one of the world's most famous dances. A spicy blend of Cuban and African influences, Salsa is a fantastic style for dancers just starting out, and challenging enough to keep even pros coming back for more. Advanced dancers will delight in the flourish and excitement of improvisation, while beginners will be pulling off thrilling spins and dips at the nightclub in no time. Everyone can get wrapped up in the sensation that Salsa moves create on the dance floor. This 6 week course has a beginner level and an advanced level. No partner is necessary and no dance experience is required!

Venue: Studio- 5/61 Upton Street Bundall. Air-conditioned Venue.

A fun Cha Cha Cha Class will start later in the year and we hope you will get into the groove with that one. Cha Cha Cha is an absolute favourite dance in the Latin style. The music can be from the original Cuban artists or may come straight out of the hit list from the most current artists because the rhythm is timeless.

THURSDAY 8:00 - 9:30PM Ballroom / Latin Class

Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced. Learn Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba & Jive. Two dances taught each week with the dances changing every three weeks. Beginners welcome. Come with or without a partner. Couples are welcome to stay together.

Beginners:      Beginners are catered for in a class of their own. Learn the basic skills of the dances at a social level. We have friendly patient instructors happy to welcome the beginner. Join in at any time.

Intermediate      This next level advances the patterns and techniques learnt in the beginner level introducing new figures and steps in each dance. It is recommended that dancers feel proficient at this level before moving into the advanced group.

Advanced      More advanced choreography is taught with emphasis given to technique, partnering , leading, following and floorcraft. It is recommended that dancers have completed our intermediate level before joining in with the advanced group.

Dance Schedule for 2022
13th January - Waltz / Cha Cha Cha (3 weeks)
3rd February - Tango / Jive (3 weeks)
24th February - Foxtrot / Salsa (3 weeks)
17th March - Quickstep / Rumba (3 weeks)

$15pp per class.
VENUE: Broadbeach Seniors Hall, T E Peters Drive, Broadbeach. (Air-conditioned)
BOOKINGS MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE CLASS or no admittance will be allowed due to the COVID regulations.


Medals are an excellent award system for achievement in dance.

NYB runs courses which develop technical skills, sometimes difficult to be taught in social classes. These courses are categorised by the dance style. It is the next step from the social class learning environment, with more concentration given to the skills required to be a more competent dancer. These classes are in a course structure and concentrate on a particular style of dance. A set combination of steps is taught during the course. Elements covered include foot patterns, footwork, alignments, lead and follow, characteristics, technique and floor craft.

A 13 week course can exercise the advantage of repetition and consolidating routines which can then be used as a base pattern of each dance. Social classes may then add variety with extra figures and steps. This is the perfect combination of the technique from the Medal work, and then expanding the choreography base in the social class with the experience of dancing with different partners of all levels.

  • Latin Medal (Bronze/Bronze Bar/Silver/Silver Bar/Gold)
    at Broadbeach Hall - Starting 3 February 2022

  • Ballroom Medal (Bronze/Bronze Bar/Silver/Silver Bar/Gold)
    at Broadbeach Hall - Starting 3 February 2022

1st term's medal exam will be on Saturday 30 April 2022.
2nd term's medal exam will be on Saturday 27 August 2022.
3rd term's medal exam will be on Saturday 17 December 2022. (This will be our Christmas Party!)

Each course is $200.     Contact the studio for further details or to book.



Our kids dance classes are designed to promote personal growth and development. Our curriculum provides a fun way to learn, grow and become physically fit in a positive non-judgmental environment. Learn to dance is a great way for your kids to develop important social skill and embrace the confidence that comes with being able to dance.

No classes at the moment... More information coming soon.